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The computer consulting includes the study of customer needs, providing the best solutions for the development of its activity, as well as integration with new technologies derived from the Internet.

The dependence of all activities towards computer is growing and so we have strived to offer a wide variety of computer products from all manufacturers and at very competitive prices.

Among the services we offer, we can highlight the following:

  • Sale and repair of computers and computer equipment (hardware, software, supplies, accessories, etc)
  • Installation and Maintenance of Computer Networks and Servers.
  • Computer maintenance, is especially geared towards those companies, professionals and individuals who by their activity yoperatividad require maximum functionality of your computer system. We have different ways, always seeking flexibility that perfectly suits the needs of each.

In the area of ​​Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) we offer the following specialized services.

  • Consultancy and advice for the deployment of any commercial activity on the Internet, including web presence, mobile devices, e-commerce, social networks, online marketing / search engine optimization, and hosting / Cloud services.
  • Graphic design for the creation or enhancement of corporate image, including logo design and manuals image and corporate identity, print applications, editorial design and digital document templates.
  • Web Development for programming and implementation of the necessary ICT solutions to support digital presence, including web presence, mobile web applications and custom components for CMS’s open source (WordPress, Prestashop, etc), email platforms, mail

Cloud computing concept illustration