We advise clients from all sectors of the economy



Public Administration

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit

Aware of the functioning of the state, regional and local administrations, we know what everyday worries and the biggest challenges they face are. Therefore, we give a legal response adjusted to their needs.


Consumer Goods

Success is to fall seven times and get up eight

Our experience shows that companies, cooperatives and producer groups are living entities subjected to constant change, so giving the right advice is necessary in all matters relating to its constitution and internal organization.

Aware of the concerns of each sector, we know that the conservation of internal performance parameters and optimum quality standards guarantees companies to be more competitive in the market.



Venture Capital

Never invest in businesses that you can not understand

Our team works with experts and the most prestigious institutions in the design of these type of structures, advising the funds in order to be able to close the deal with innovative, flexible proposals, sometimes highly complex, adjusted to the characteristics of this deal and specific needs of the intervenient parts.

Within the team there are also three sub areas of specialization:

Training Funds | Venture Capital | Special Situations


Construction and Real Estate

Continued growth is the best survival mechanism

Construction: Our experts in real estate law works for construction companies, developers, architectural firms and engineering and project management, and final users.

We assist in all the stages of the process, including tendering of contracts and / or work packages, the contractual documentation, reforms or innovations that may have, work reception and guarantee period

Real State: We assist our developer clients in the analysis and investment planning, evaluating the legal elements of the process, ground acquisition, providing our services in wording and advising in negotiating contracts necessary for the development, design, architecture, project management, construction, marketing and financing.



Family Business

Small details make a big difference

We deeply know the reality of the family business. We admire and empower their strengths and identify their weaknesses to help minimize them. We are aware of how important it is to manage harmonically the emotional, business and economic aspects involved in any family business.

Family companies have in Spain a very prominent importance, both economically and socially. This is evidenced by the national wealth it generates and the active population employed by this kind of companies. However, it also must be noted that a significant part of family businesses disappear after the second or third generation.

We advise Boards and Family Councils with three objectives: to promote family unity, ensure continuity of the business project and its complexity and preserve the heritage that has achieved.



Motivation is the best source of renewable energy

In addition, current customers needs guide our activity, more than ever, to the multidisciplinary study of the issues stemming from the investment and management projects in the energy field.

Thus, specialized sectors in regulatory, competition, financing, urban planning and environment are integrated to form a team that responds to the complexity of all types of projects and investments, allowing, in turn, the development of particular roads to adapt to the problems of the case.



Pharmaceutical, Health and Biotechnology

In the research field, luck favors no more than prepared spirits

The remarkable development that is experiencing the biotechnology sector in recent years has been a growing need to obtain an integral advice on all aspects relating to the establishment and implementation of biotechnology companies, compliance with the requirements of public law , health and regulatory, protection of the results and the research activity of these businesses.

  • Public and private procurement: supply contracts, outsourcing, leasing services
  • Advising on the bidding process and adjudication of administrative concessions of public service. Administrative process and financial process.
  • Efficiency energy measures.
  • Planning complex tax structures designed to optimize resources in research
  • Advising on internationalization processes.
  • Negotiation of labor and commercial contracts.
  • Consulting front Management, Prevention and Resolution of conflicts through mediation and arbitration processes.


Infrastructure And Transportation

Our destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things

The size of the operations in these fields makes the integrated analysis of the different aspects of the project essential. Asturconsulting Group offers a complete, legal service covering all areas interested in business development, providing the security that every investor aspires to.



Basic Materials, Industry And Transformation

Reading is imagination´s factory

Our multidisciplinary specialization and experience acquired of the hand of our clients in the most diverse areas of these large industries, allow us to offer expert advice, leading to a comprehensive and specific response, adapted to the needs and peculiarities of the companies operating in these sectors.


Do not ruin it. Good planets are hard to find

Our participation in the environmental sector is wide and includes from general -Processing licenses and environmental authorizations, environmental evaluation procedures, disciplinary proceedings and environmental responsibility, claiming to the administrations or development of standards projects – to the maximum specialization in areas of specific action, like water and discharges, waste, emissions trading and climate change policies, and activities related to industrial environment.




Always give the client more than expected

Retail sale, sports, wholesale distribution, education, foundations, associations, engineering, consulting, media, publishing, leisure, tourism, hospitality.

We have a highly developed expertise in all areas concerned in legal advice, affecting networking, installation and advice of retail outlets, sports-related companies, wholesale distribution, education, etc. Our work is comprehensive, covering not only the regulatory areas but also commercial, labor, real estate and tax.

Finantial Services

Success is knowing your purpose in life, grow to reach its maximum potential and sow the seeds that benefit others

Investment service companies, credit institutions, insurance.

We are in permanent contact with the industry and its operators, analyzing all European regulatory proposals and recommendations of the agencies responsible for the supervision of these companies, anticipating this way the needs of our customers and helping them define and improve certain practices and internal policies.



Technology And Telecommunications

Your time is limited, so don´t waste it living someone else’s life

We are especially aware of the specific weight and responsibility of entrepreneurs in the ICT sector, so we assume the commitment with new entrepreneurs to be for theme a support that goes beyond the mere provision of professional services. The personal relationship and trust are essential in the emerging business projects. We believe in the ICT sector as the engine of the Spanish economy and we act accordingly.