Social Commitment

Our values: excellence in our services and commitment to people


The active presence of our professionals in society has for us a twofold sense: to be closer to the social and economic reality of our environment, which makes it easier to understand the circumstances surrounding the issues whose advice entrusted to us and also participate actively in the development of our community.

We are very excited about the number of people who join our initiative “Inspiring Change”. Value and care for our environment is generating positive change and inspiring others, promoting and accelerating to improve our daily lives with new shares.

We are here to support you: do not stop looking for help. Our small actions have enormous impact both social and personally.

We pledge that our social responsibility is reflected in the contributions that the firm provides to society through our core business, our programs of social and humanitarian action and our commitment to the public interest.

Our company creates an equality committee, whose primary function is to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Act on the following aspects:

Staff settings
Work-life balance

Commitment to a world without barriers

All access to our facilities are adapted. Our facilities over 400 m2 allow a smooth and barrier-free mobility to all users.

  • We work for the employment of people at risk of social exclusion.
  • We contribute to the search for opportunities for integration of these persons and general awareness.
  • We seek to meet the needs of the business tissue, thus promoting a good working relationship between the person and the company.
  • We encourage corporate social responsibility business, offering companies a supportive work program integration and consolidated that fits your needs.
  • We encourage collaboration between businesses, public institutions and society.



In collaboration with the Gijón City Council we cooperate to provide new generations, skills and knowledge, with the aim of creating experience and job market.

Our thanks for the distinction they have given us. We hope to be useful to our young people for many years.