Taxes and Accountant

Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time.



The accumulated experience allows us to successfully tackle any kind of review or action necessary to undertake.

Our professionals are in a unique position to form proposals for fiscal improvement, address the study of specific situations and gauge the suitability for the particular case of the different possible policies in the field of tax.

  • Contentious Tax (Tax Inspection, Tax Administration and administrative tribunals)
  • Consulting businesses continued proper care of their tax obligations.
  • Analysis of the taxation of specific economic operations to optimize the tax burden on financial transactions, insurance, real estate and wealth structuring.
  • Tax planning for national and international corporate structures.
  • Taxation of corporate restructuring operations (merger and acquisition).
  • Taxation of family and personal assets (assets and inheritance taxation).
  • Taxation of public and parapublic entities, including nonprofit entities such as foundations, associations and educational and sports entities.


  • Design of specific accounting plans for different business sectors.
  • Monitoring and accounting advice.
  • Accounting outsourcing and development.
  • Analysis and interpretation of operations carried out by the company, seeking better representation in the annual accounts. At this point we try to optimize and reconcile their accounting representation with commercial law and tax impact.
  • Collaboration with the company in the process of inspection or audit.
  • Advice and preparation of annual and consolidated accounts.
  • Advice on business combinations (mergers, demergers, global transfers of assets, etc).
  • Support in identifying the parameters or accounting figures that are used or required in commercial law.
  • Tax impacts related to accounting standards application.
  • Processing of consultations with the Institute of accounting and auditing.
  • Analysis of the accounting rules applied to specific sectors (construction, dealerships, etc).
  • Advising the financial sector (banks, insurance, collective investment schemes, etc.) on specific legislation and its implications on the volume of own resources demanded and the solvency regulations.